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Uses for Rubber Mulch
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Uses for Rubber Mulch

Best Rubber Mulch® provides a Safe, Versatile Ground Covering for a Variety of ApplicationsRubber Mulch Fall Protection Chart

Rubber mulch is quickly becoming a staple for residential and commercial ground coverings.

Best Rubber Mulch® buys directly from major distributors, so you receive your mulch direct from the factory. We consistently provide our customers with high quality, 99.9% wire-free rubber mulch at a fraction of the cost of big box stores. Calculate how many pallets you need to cover your square footage with our rubber mulch calculator

Playground Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch for playgrounds is quickly becoming a popular surfacing option. With fall protection of up to 12’ to 16' at 6" depth, rubber mulch meets and exceeds ASTM standards for playground safety. Keep children safe on commercial and residential play areas, including:

Landscape Rubber Mulch

Landscaping rubber mulch also deters insects and weeds from calling your garden home. Our rubber mulch is safe, non-toxic and odor free, giving your yard or playground a durable, easy to maintain ground covering.

Order Rubber Mulch Safer than wood. Fast Delivery. "Dirt" cheap.

Eco-Friendly Surfacing Solution is Perfect for Many Applications

Backyard rubber mulch has a wide variety of uses in addition to landscaping and playgrounds. Rubber mulch is also frequently used as a dust-reducing, secure equestrian arena surface. The springy rubber mulch reduces joint and bone strain of the horses, while providing increased fall protection for the riders.

Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges have also turned to rubber mulch as a safe, effective backstop. The rubber mulch dampens the noise and absorbs the shock of the bullet, significantly reducing the number of ricochet occurrences.

Training courses also benefit from rubber mulch. The military, police academy, ropes courses and climbing walls have all begun to turn to rubber mulch. Its high impact attenuation and shock absorbency ratings lead to fewer injuries. Rubber mulch doesn’t deteriorate like traditional wood chips, providing durable, slip resistant footing.

Buy online from Best Rubber Mulch® for high-quality, versatile mulch.
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