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Rubber Mulch Prices

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Comes to you in 2000-2100 lb. Super Sacks or in Easy to Handle Retail Size Bags!
Compare to big box stores such as Lowes and Home Depot.

Receive discounts for full truck loads (FTL of 42,000 to 44,000 lbs 21-22 pallets) of rubber mulch. Call us today for bulk rubber mulch prices!

Coverage Calculations

One yard weighs about 700 lb - 800 lbs depending on the manufacturing plant from which it originates. Different size nuggets cover different size areas.

Our yard of mulch covers approximately:

Width (in feet)
Length (in feet)
You need pounds.
Is about tons.
Delivered on pallet(s).

Shipped Direct From Manufacturers To You!

In order to be sure of color and sizing, as colors vary from plant to plant, please call us for a rubber mulch sample!

When calling or emailing for the best pricing around be sure to leave name, number, full address with zip code, color, kind of mulch you need and if it is a residential or commercial drop. We will then send you a quote including shipping costs.

Call (877) 269-6208 now or request a quote online now.

Recommended For:
Approximate overage 40 LB Bag
Approximate Coverage Super sack
10 Sq Ft
475 Sq Ft
Landscaping/ Playgrounds - Residential
6 Sq Ft
325 Sq Ft
Playgrounds - Residential
5 Sq Ft
225 Sq Ft
Playgrounds - Residential/Commercial
4 Sq Ft
175 Sq Ft
Playgrounds - Commercial
3 Sq Ft
150 Sq Ft